Sajad Aminjavaheri



I'm Senoir Full Stack Developer & and Iot consultant in industry of water, oil and gas.

Overall 20 years of experience in development of Web & Enterprise applications using Microsoft .net Framework and other Framework experience in :

  1. Iot, IIOT.
  2. oprating system like windows, linux, Unix, Solaris
  3. C#, VB, F#, Java.
  4. IIS, Node.js, Tomcat,zamp
  5. JavaScript,, jquery, Html5, CSS,
  6. SQL server, Mysql , mongoDB
  7. Industry of fluid transmission lines such as water, oil and gas
  8. IIOT,scada,telecontrol,tele monitors
  9. Experience working with Siemens PLC ,RTU(16& 32) Bradersen, Siemens PAC

I have a master of Computer Engineering and i am professional Manager in team. In many important industries in Iran, I work as an IT consultant or industrial systems consultant, most of which are in The cities of Tehran, Isfahan,qom, Khuzestan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

  • Birthday: 13 January 1988
  • Website:
  • Phone: +98 913 226 1548
  • City: Esfahan, IRI
  • Age: 30
  • Degree: Master
  • Email: Info [at] aminjavaheri [dot] ir
  • Freelance: Available

Subject of My thesis is a Implementation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in fluid transmission pipelines such as water, oil and gas.I have authored a lot of book, and translation a book into The Persian.


Technology has become The backbone of our everyday lives, and programmers are needed to keep moving that technology forward. The options are endless: an aspiring programmer can bring The next life-changing smartphone app to life, create new worlds in gaming, or craft The way millions of people across The globe interact and communicate online. These are just a few of The ways programmers impact The world around them, but all programmers have certain things in common — The in-demand hard and soft skills that propel their career success.

Happy Clients consequuntur quae


Hours Of Support


The following skills on The LinkedIn site are

C#, VB, C++, Java, JavaScript, jquery 100%
Database administrator, Developer90%
Sql Server, Mysql, Microsoft Access,Excel 75%
HTML,, .net core80%
UI, CSS, Adobe Photoshop 90%
IOT design, Control industry, RTU, PLC 100%

List Of General and specialized Skills

Period of Time Skills
Since 2007 till now #C
Since 2007 till now VB
Since 2007 till now ++C
Since 2007 till now HTML
Since 2007 till now JavaScript
Since 2007 till now
Since 2007 till now Photoshop
Since 2000 version so far SQl server
5 years MySQL
6 years JQuery
1 years Angular
Since 2007 till now Visual Studio
3 years Vscode (Visual Studio Code )
1 years Node.js


Part of my resume and activities in the past years as follows

Manager At


Latest work experiences

Information System Manager ,DBA,Project manager,Database analyzer

2016 - 2022

Rayabco, IRI,Tehran

Water Organization, I Am Project Manager, PLC and RTU, Water pipe Control by PLC, Water pipe Control by SCADA, Water pipe Control by Web application, PLC based controller, RTU manager, C# and used for Water pipe Control,

  • Worked with: PLC 1800 simenc , Brodersen rtu32 , Brodersen rtu8 ,C# , , HTML ,Javascrip ,Jquery , bootstrap

Information System Manager, Database analyzer

2015 - 2016

Zayandab, IRI,Esfahan

Zayandab consulting Engineers company was founded in 1984. The main goal of this company is study and design in the following fields:

  • Irrigation and drainage networks
  • Reservoir and diversion dams
  • Pumping stations and water transmission lines
  • Water storage and urban pipeline networks
  • River Engineering & flood plain studies
  • Integrated water resources studies

I Am Project Manager For Water pipe Control by PLC in SCADA SOFT. I Created Web application For Control ALL IOT Node in a one of Water pipe line. this Project

  • Worked with: PLC 1800 simenc , Brodersen rtu32 , Brodersen rtu8 ,C# , , HTML ,Javascrip ,Jquery , bootstrap

Information System Manager

2014 - 2015

Isfahan Regional Water Organization, IRI,Esfahan

I Am Project Manager PLC and RTU Water pipe Control by PLC Water pipe Control by SCADA Water pipe Control by Web application PLC based controller RTU manager C# and used for Water pipe Control

  • Worked with: C #,, HTML, Javascrip, Jquery, bootstrap and Worked by: PLC 1800 simenc, Brodersen rtu32, Brodersen rtu8.

Project Manager

Project Manager

2012 - 2014

uniitek, IRI,Esfahan

  • Project: CRM and MIS
  • Worked with: C# , , sql server , jquery ,css ,HTML


Name of Institution Grade Tendency Date Website
Azad University Of Khomeini Shahr Assistant Software 9 February 2011
Azad University Of Najaf Abad Bachelor Software Technology 10 March 2015
Ashrafi Esfahani University Master Software Technology 01 Jan 2023
- Ph.D Software Technology In Studying

Professional and technical documents

Registration Number Date Status Score Time Course
14000298143 26 December 2007 Good 79 230 h Computer graphic design
14000298137 9 January 2008 Very Good 86 190 h Preliminary web page design
14000298142 6 January 2008 Good 80 120 h Adobe Flash MX
14000270710 18 September 2007 Good 76 450 h Basic computer training 2
14000331200 31 May 2008 Good 73 80 h Dreamweaver mx
14000345379 26 May 2008 Good 78 330 h Basic computer training 1
14000345384 8 September 2008 Very Good 84 130 h Visual Interdev

Records and experience of work, executive, managerial and specialized

Organization The Project Goal The Project Name
National Project manage all computers ports RC USB
Mazerayan company Emergency power system management software ups controller
Maintain personal information on The system and code all The information Keeper Secret
Asan Kala Industrial Group Manage warehouses with engineering methods of managing The circulation of goods in The warehouse Asan Personal project Web Based accounting software Organizational Portal with Web Designing Capability, workflow, Report Builder ,form builder Organizational portal uniweb
National project Software for Family of martyrs Management, Isfahan province Software for Family of martyrs Management
Software for Veteran Management, Isfahan province Software for Veteran Management
Software for Disciplinary Judiciary, Isfahan province Software for Disciplinary Judiciary
Dorsa Group Dorsa portal is CRM and MIS Dorsa portal   ISP monitoring   Hospital network support Online Appointment of treatment centers in Isfahan province Online appointment analysis of treatment centers
National project Geographical system Like GIS Geographical system Kashan is one of The provinces of Iran that is supplied with water from Isfahan. This water transmission line is managed by artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. All this system was prepared by me Kashan water line supply project PM system
A software system for monitoring and control for water transmission line based on MIS, GIS and preventive maintenance Transmission line monitoring and control system
When we want to flow a fluid like water in The water transmission pipe lines, this system requires a detailed computer analysis, so that The liquid can be controlled in The pipeline.this system work in Oil or gas pipe line. Analysis of telemetry control logic
Complete programming of a SCADA-like computer system that used PLC technology on The web and mobile Upgrade The telemetry control system

Authoring and translating The book

  • The author of the research on Implementation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in fluid transmission pipelines such as water, oil and gas.
    Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani University - year 2023
  • Authoring The book of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and its complete analysis.
    National Publications - year 2019, print number 5897563
  • Metaverse book translation.
    What is The metaverse? Everything you need to know about The new digital economy that is transforming The way we live, invest and do business Fartak-1401-1401, National Library Number 9064677, Shabak 2-60-5254-622-978


In general, some of the pictures below are related to the album of my recent activities.

  • All
  • IIOT
  • MIS
By this tablet, the control of the industrial electromotors of the fluid transmission is done, in such a way that by clicking on the on or off option, the electric current of 20KW is transferred to the electromotor by the starter under the IOT network and it is turned on or off.
By using this terminal in a completely isolated network, the information of the control panels in the fluid transfer pipelines is sent to the control center.
Web and mobile system image for real-time recording of information and results of tests by IOT equipment
Instant display of information in the branches of fluid transfer pipelines in the control center
The information of these sensors by transferred to the IOT module and it determines exactly when the valve in the fluid transmission pipe lines is open or when it is closed, and based on that decision is made by the central control.
An example of an industrial control panel whose information is completely transmitted to control centers by IOT, this process is suitable for all water, oil and liquid gas transmission pipelines.
Receiving and monitoring electricity consumption information in the IOT-based network and creating an integrated monitoring process for its information


Services that I can provide you

professional Consultation

If you have a project in the field of IOT, IIOT, MIS, I can give you the necessary guidance to achieve the desired result. Most of my work experience is in the field of setting up integrated control systems for fluid transmission pipelines such as water, oil and gas

Receive the project

If you have national or international projects in the fields of programming and programming times that are in my resume, I can be by your side and share my experiences with you.

Receive the project

If you have an idea or a project that you need an expert to do, I can be by your side, please read my resume before submitting a proposal.

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It is possible to contact me by email, WhatsApp, Instagram and LinkedIn